Steel mesh catcher system for blast debris protection

Shock tube testing was used to assess the blast performance of a proprietary metal mesh drapery known as “GuardianCoil”. The system was used to stop projectiles from fragmentation of unreinforced masonry (URM) walls and glazed windows and was installed on the unloaded/interior side of these non-structural elements. Each test sample was subjected to a single, destructive pressure-impulse combination generating high velocity projectiles. The GuardianCoil contained the entirety of the unreinforced masonry block walls and prevented potentially life threatening projectiles from penetrating the test area. It also contained the entirety of the large glass fragments within the first meter of the drapery. The pieces of mortar or glass that penetrated the test area were limited to the weave size, and did not pose a life safety hazard.

Eric Jacques
Assistant Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering

My research interests include blast protection of buildings, high strain rate material response, and new structural forms for infrastructure resilience.