Historic sash window blast protection system

Historic sash windows protected by “SecureTM” security blinds were tested under simulated blast loading using a shock tube in order to establish the blast performance of the blinds. The security blinds were placed near the inside face of the windows and consisted of vertical blades and an optional horizontal locking bar. The specimens were tested with different orientations of the blades from fully-closed to fully-open. Reflected pressures on windows ranged between approximately 12 kPa and 70 kPa, with almost constant duration (varying between 13 ms and 16 ms). The shades were effective in reducing the debris generated by blast pressures, however, a failure mode was observed at shade opening greater than 45 degrees whereby wood debris from the frame wedged between the blades and prevented them from closing. No damage or permanent deformation of the shades was observed.

Eric Jacques
Assistant Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering

My research interests include blast protection of buildings, high strain rate material response, and new structural forms for infrastructure resilience.