BRADS - Blast Resistant Anchor Design Software

Computer software BRADS (Blast Resistant Anchor Design Software) was developed for conducting two-degree-of-freedom (TDOF) analysis and window anchor design. The algorithm underlying the software was developed to satisfy the requirements of CSA S852 , the new Canadian standard for Blast Resistant Window Anchor Systems, and was validated against experimental shock tube anchor tests. The tool can compute the required configuration of window retention anchors based on the major parameters known to influence anchorage capacity, including: substrate flexibility, glazing response, window aspect ratio, frame rigidity, the distribution of dynamic reactions, combined stresses, and anchor boundary conditions. The automated analysis procedure evaluates dynamic reactions generated during the pre-break and post-break phases, and considers the possibility of load reversal when determining design anchorage forces during inbound and rebound response.

Eric Jacques
Assistant Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering

My research interests include blast protection of buildings, high strain rate material response, and new structural forms for infrastructure resilience.