Evaluation of lightweight aerated interlocking concrete blocks

Litebuilt’s 1200 kg/m3 “LiteBlok” lightweight aerated concrete “Jumbo” block product is intended for use in non load-bearing wall construction suitable for interior applications, with a minimum equivalency equal to traditional masonry construction. Experimental tests were conducted to establish the structural behaviour of LiteBlok prisms subjected to concentric and eccentric axial compression, as well as to study the flexural behaviour of LiteBlok walls having a plane of failure parallel and perpendicular to the bed joint. Results showed the importance of using reinforcement in LiteBlok construction to improve capacity and limit the development of cracks in the blocks and in the grout. Furthermore, owing to the use of lightweight aerated concrete and an interlocking bed joint mechanism, LiteBlok was found to benefit from rapid dry-stack construction. Compared to the constructability of conventional masonry, these specific attributes are a major competitive advantage.

Eric Jacques
Assistant Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering

My research interests include blast protection of buildings, high strain rate material response, and new structural forms for infrastructure resilience.