Software Programs

Explore some of the software programs I’ve developed to assist with protective design and analysis of structures subjected to blast loads. These tools will run on most any Microsoft Windows operating system with the .NET architecture and were developed using the Visual Studio IDE.


BRADS (Blast-Resistant Anchor Design Software) is a computer program for the analysis and design of anchoring systems used in blast-resistant punched windows. This software is intended to aid engineers, architects, and manufacturers design new window anchorages or assess the vulnerability of existing anchors.


RCBlast was developed to conduct dynamic inelastic response history analysis of structural members subjected to blast-induced shock waves.


Software tool to calculate blast pressure parameters from detonation of hemispherical TNT, or back-calculate threat characteristics based on a specified pressure-impulse combination.

1D Shock Tube CFD

A one-dimension CFD code that I wrote to analysis and design pneumatic driven shock tube. Fully validated. Partial reflection. Rapid parametric evaluation of main design parameters.

Software coming soon. Email me for more info.