Fathi-Fazl, R., Jacques, E., C. Zhen, Kadhom, B., Saassouh, B., and Motazedian, D.
Manuscript submitted to the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, cjce-2017-0504
Publication year: 2017

Abstract: This paper presents a preliminary seismic risk screening tool to identify buildings whose superior structural and non-structural seismic performance in regions of low seismicity can be assessed based on several key attributes. The tool is designed to exempt buildings from detailed seismic assessment if key exemption criteria are met. The exemption criteria are based on: a seismicity categorization system linked to anticipated building damage, seismicity; whether or not the building was designed using modern seismic design provisions; and, the remaining time that the building will be occupied. The tool also provides a second list of criteria, which if satisfied, will automatically trigger further detailed seismic assessment. The decisions rendered by the tool regarding the expected seismic performance of a building are evaluated against the FEMA P-154 score assignment procedure to ensure consistency with the next level of semi-quantitative rapid visual screening procedure. A flowchart is presented to facilitate adoption of the tool by practicing engineers and other end-users.

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