OverPressure - Blast Pressure Calculation Software

Over Pressure

Version 1.0 (January 2018)

Software Overview

OverPressure is a computer program developed to facilitate the determination of blast parameters following the procedure outlined in UFC 03-340-02 (2008). The program can compute blast parameters and pressure time-histories for user defined blast threats. It can also be used back-calculate the charge-weight and stand-off distance of an explosion using a known pressure-impulse combination.

Features and Capabilities

OverPressure calculates the blast characteristics of a hemispherical detonation of TNT using UFC 03-0340-02 (2008) blast parameter data. The tool can generate incident and reflected pressure time-histories suitable for use in single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) analysis. The pressure-time histories generated by can be imported directly into RCBlast (2013) for inelastic dynamic analysis of blast loaded structures.

The software can be used to back-calculate TNT charge-weight and stand-off distance given a specific pressure-impulse combination. The program is built around a user friendly interface to ensure a streamlined analysis environment. The user can seamlessly switch between US Customary and SI units. The program has been validated using both manual methods and other similar software. The results of the validation indicate the can be used to successfully compute hemispherical blast parameters and pressure time-histories for explosive threats.

How to cite OverPressure

Jacques, E., 2013, OverPressure, Version. 1.0, [Computer program] Available at http://www.ericjacques.com/OverPressyre/ (Accessed Thursday, January 11, 2018)


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